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Hearing aids are a vital part of your life if you have a hearing loss – you wear them daily, everywhere you go – and it is natural that they may require some maintenance or repair at some stage. We offer hearing aid repairs in Cape Town and surrounds. Some basic hearing aid repairs can be done at our rooms. Some of the hearing aid components are specific to the manufacturer. In some cases, the hearing aid will need to be sent to the original manufacturer for repair. We will first determine if your device can be repaired onsite. If not, we can also assist should the hearing aids need to be attended to by the manufacturer.

It is terribly frustrating to do without your hearing aid if you need it in order to go about your daily life. We recognise that it is important for your hearing aid repair to be performed as fast and efficiently as possible to limit your inconvenience.

To speed up the process, we recommend troubleshooting:

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Hearing aid manufacturers

The NB Hearing team have our patients’ best interests at heart, so we will only provide hearing aids from manufacturers that we have experienced to be reliable and caring about the patient’s use of their product. However, with electronics that are worn on/in the ear, no matter how careful you are, sometimes you may need help. If you need hearing aid repairs in Cape Town, or the Northern or Southern Suburbs, we are happy to assist with on-site repairs. Or we will send it back to the manufacturer (even if it is not one of our regular suppliers) on your behalf, making sure that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

Some of the hearing aid manufacturers that we work with, include:

We have an extensive range of batteries (if you need to replace yours) available at our practice. We also have a range of accessories and adaptive devices available. Any batteries or accessories which we do not have in stock, we will gladly order and fit on your behalf.

To find out whether we can assist with your hearing aid repairs, or provide you with the batteries or accessories you require, please contact our team.