Meet Richard, an audiologist

I am a naturally inquisitive person with a passion for helping people. Audiology has been a wonderful way to satisfy both, as I am able to empower people of all ages who experience disabling ear-related problems.


I qualified as an audiologist at the University of Cape Town in 2017. I completed my community service at a small hospital in rural KZN which opened my eyes to the truly disabling nature of hearing loss in patients who have minimal access to services. From 2019 to 2021, I ran the audiology department at Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital, developing services to help patients of all ages with ear-related problems, by providing diagnostic care, hearing assistive devices, rehabilitative services, and counselling in an under-resourced environment.

One of my driving passions is to help people with balance (vestibular) disorders so that I can improve quality of life for people who live with dizziness. Being dizzy can be very disturbing, but good diagnosis and management can make a huge difference. Functional rehabilitation is possible! I am currently completing my Masters in Audiology in vestibular management, through the University of Cape Town, to further care for people with dizziness.

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I bring my commitment to patient support in all areas of audiology in the expansive practice of NB Hearing, caring for people with balance problems, tinnitus, hearing problems, and all forms of audiology rehabilitation.

Apart from enjoying my profession and working with people, I also love all things outdoors, and nature. The sea is my favourite place and I surf, swim and snorkel as often as I can. I also enjoy hiking on the mountain, walking in forests and bouldering.