NB Hearing Associations

Reconnect Audiology Network

NB Hearing is a proud member of the Reconnect Audiology Network, which is a national network for private, independent, patient centered audiology practices across South Africa. As members we are able to access training and development, marketing and procurement services, allowing us to continue to improve our service to you, our patients, at lower costs whilst maintaining our independence. In addition, we can also either refer, or assist, you in locating a trusted colleague for special testing, or when you move to another part of the country knowing that all Network members maintain the same standards. We’re better connected!

We value what the Network stands for: Your right as a patient to be provided choices of treatment and products that are most suited to your requirements. We are a patient focused practice where the needs of our patients always remain the primary focus of our recommendations to you. www.reconnectnetwork.co.za

The South African Association of Audiologists

Our Professional Association helps to maintain standards and promotes the field of audiology, nationally. Having served on management as the Chairperson for the Ethics and Standards Committee for several years previously, Natalie has enormous respect and appreciation of the many professionals who currently, in the past, and in the future, voluntarily give time to maintain the ideals of Audiology. www.audiologysa.co.za

The Health Professions Council of South Africa

The HPCSA is the legislative body that governs the medical profession in South Africa. All of our audiologists are members, registered with the Council. www.hpcsa.co.za