Hearing aid prices vary

Hearing aid prices can vary based on the performance of the microchips inside them. Therefore, your hearing aid choice should be made with the guidance of an audiologist who has fully investigated your hearing and helps you to find the most suitable hearing aids for your requirements. A carefully selected device will ensure that you invest the right amount in a hearing aid that is correctly matched to your needs.

Hearing aids in South Africa:

  • May address simple types of hearing losses and lifestyles.
  • Can be fitted affordably for people with a limited budget.
  • May be designed for people with very complex needs.
  • Can be very sophisticated if you have more to spend.
  • Range between R5000.00 and R60 000.00 per ear.

There is a solution for each person. Seek help and find a hearing aid to match your needs.

Audiologists at NB Hearing DO NOT ENGAGE in ‘cold quoting’. The price of a hearing aid INCLUDES some of the valuable services that are provided by your professional which differ from person to person based on individual needs. You must be adequately evaluated by a professional before we can offer you a price or advice.

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Why do some hearing aids cost so much?

Hearing aid manufacturers have to cover the cost of their research and development, licensing in multiple countries (with various medical authorities), shipping, exchange rates, and custom regulations of a country, which all have an impact on the prices for these devices. In addition, a reputable manufacturer will have an accessible laboratory (with staff and equipment) available to manufacture custom-made elements, honour your warranties, provide you with follow-up service, and perform technical repairs that cannot be performed at an audiologist’s practice. Importantly, a hearing aid requires accurate fitting by a skilled, qualified practitioner, and so the cost of your device includes some of the clinical services required.

The Health Professions Council of South Africa advises against the illegal sale and purchase of internet hearing aids or hearing aids purchased from unregistered practitioners in this country. Unregistered devices and people create risks for the patient due to their lack of clinical knowledge and lack of product support. It may seem cheaper, but a hearing loss can be a symptom of a hearing health problem that requires proper diagnosis by a registered medical professional. The potential for a missed or incorrect diagnosis, and under-amplification (which will not help) or over-amplification (which can cause more hearing loss) are not worth the risk of bypassing a proper medical professional and a registered medical product.

How can we assist?


Audiologists at NB Hearing will only recommend hearing aids from manufacturers who are reputable and accountable. We do not offer devices from any manufacturer that has not prioritised after-sales support. This way, we protect our patients and preserve the reputation of our practice.


Your individual hearing solution, predominantly dictated by your lifestyle, the complexity of your hearing loss, your physical/cosmetic preferences, and dexterity and visual acuity, will help us to decide what your optimum fitting will entail, and thus where you fall in the price spectrum related to hearing aid prices. All costs are discussed and disclosed to our patients in writing prior to any order being placed.


Our guidance aims to consider your personal profile and find suitable hearing instruments to achieve a successful outcome within your budget.

Our reputation depends on it. For further discussion, contact us to make an appointment.

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