Answers to frequently asked

The price range stated below is a Global Hearing Aid Fee. This means that the price of a hearing aid includes all the services performed and time the audiologists spends with you to ensure a successful hearing aid fitting.

The price of hearing aids depends on the level of technology or capability of the hearing aid (see our description here) which ranges from R5 000.00 to R50 000,00 per hearing aid.

    • The top of the range hearing aid technology ranges from R30 000,00 to R50 000,00 per hearing aid.
    • The middle of the range hearing aid technology ranges from R12 000,00 to R30 000,00 per hearing aid
    • The bottom of the range hearing aid technology ranges from R5 000,00 to R12000,00 per hearing aid.

We can only recommend a hearing aid once we have met you. We need to interview you. We aim to understand your lifestyle, where you are having difficulty and perform a thorough diagnostic hearing test. Our hearing aid recommendations are patient specific. NB Hearing is an independent private practice therefore we are not bound to fit specific brands of hearing aids.  We will focus on all of your needs, including your cosmetic and financial preferences in order to find a solution that you can afford.

We also offer hearing aids on contract through a reputable finance provider who can help you finance your necessary technology over 3 years. This way, similar to purchasing a cellular phone, you can finance the right device for you.

Please note that these prices are an estimate and subject to change due to manufacturers’ price changes. We recommend you book an appointment with one of our audiologists to discuss your hearing aid options and prices.

Firstly, it is important to understand the difference between a hearing screening, a superficial hearing test and a diagnostic hearing test.

A hearing screening test is a quick test that determines whether or not you have a suspected hearing problem. If you do not pass a hearing screening test, further testing is required. A screening test does NOT tell you the type and severity of your hearing loss; therefore, NO intervention can be recommended based on hearing screening results.

A superficial hearing test is one where you hear tones and press a button. This test can describe the amount and shape of your hearing loss but does not assist in identifying the cause or the location in your auditory system. It is inadequate for the best standards of Audiology, as it has no medical application on its own. Without further testing, a practitioner may miss an underlying condition that requires medical intervention. A hearing aid that is fitted based on this test only, can be incorrect.

A diagnostic hearing test is an extensive hearing test whereby the audiologist determines the type and severity or quantity of hearing loss, and the site in the auditory pathway from which the hearing loss originates. Recommendations for medical intervention and rehabilitation can be determined based on diagnostic hearing test results. Due to your specific complaints and results, an audiologist may want to perform specialized tests to gather additional diagnostic information before deciding on rehabilitation options.

We perform diagnostic hearing tests. The initial appointment consists of a 2-hour consultation with a number of diagnostic tests and costs approximately R1500.00. If further testing is indicated for your safety and health diagnosis, we will inform you and explain our reasons. You will give permission for any additional tests that we may need to perform. Most medical aids provide some benefit towards these costs. Each medical aid differs and therefore you may need to ask them to explain their cover.

We can perform all three of these types of tests, but the diagnostic test is necessary if you have a hearing loss.

An audiologist is a skilled healthcare practitioner that possesses relevant qualifications in Audiology. An audiologist can diagnose hearing disorders and identify problems with the ears and auditory pathway. Audiologists must be registered with a medical council, and in South Africa, this is the Health Professions Council of South Africa who hold legislative governance over the medical professions. We are also registered with our Professional Association, the South African Association of Audiologists.

As healthcare professionals, we apply our skills and knowledge to educate, treat and support patients with hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and balance disorders. We abide by any internationally recognised scientific best standards, and we function with a ‘patient first’ principle so that your hearing care is prioritised over any other objective.
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