We work with well-known hearing aid manufacturers

NB Hearing’s independence as an audiology practice allows us to work with a wide range of the hearing aid manufacturers in South Africa to provide customised hearing solutions.

Our hearing instruments include manufacturers’ warranties on all products. These warranties vary from one to three years, depending on what is offered by each manufacturer.

If you decide to fit hearing instruments, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee* period, with adjustments and support. This way, we ensure that our patients find products that they are comfortable with. A hearing aid cannot be correctly fitted without an audiologist’s skills. Therefore, we also provide a complete hearing aid and if needed, accessory fitting and several follow-up appointments for adjustment to ensure that your hearing care is our ongoing focus. A designated amount of these professional services are included in your fee for the hearing aids (due to the close link between the process of fitting your hearing aids, and the device).

(*30-day money-back guarantee refunds relate to the product portion of the cost. Manufacturer specific terms and conditions may apply. All conditions will be fully disclosed to you prior to your order).

For patients that have an existing hearing instrument purchased elsewhere, we can assist you in improving your hearing solution by offering support for refitting the device (if appropriate); servicing, repairs or fine tuning.

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Which manufacturers do we

Practitioners at NB Hearing aim to provide each patient with hearing aids that suit their lifestyle and hearing needs. However, we also aim to provide quality and durability.

We source devices from the following hearing aid manufacturers in South Africa:

To find out more about each of the service providers mentioned above, you are welcome to click on their logo and you will be taken directly to their websites; OR, speak to any of our audiologists at NB Hearing for sound advice on choosing a hearing aid for your needs.

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