We fit different types of hearing aids

The level of technology of the hearing instrument is designed to treat specific types of hearing losses and address certain hearing needs in the environments of your life. If you require hearing aids, we will conduct a hearing test and listen to your needs before offering advice on for your lifestyle, the requirements of your hearing loss, your cosmetic preferences and the affordability of different types of hearing aids.

Levels of technology are determined by the sophistication of the microchip and related circuits. Once we understand your needs, we can select capabilities of the hearing aids to match your hearing loss and lifestyle. More sophisticated technologies address complex hearing loss or demanding communication needs.

By analysing your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your communication requirements and preferences, we can help you.

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Do I need one or two hearing aids?

Hearing with two ears is no accident! The sensory hearing nerves cross paths several times as they route through to the primary auditory area of the brain. They connect at several hearing nuclei in the brainstem, before you understand speech in the brain. The nuclei perform amazing calculations for sound location so that you can orientate your attention effectively. They also help clarity of speech in background noise. by using timing and loudness of sound, and patterns.

Therefore, two hearing instruments are almost always better than one. Hearing evenly bilaterally (with both sides) allows for the accuracy of these calculations which are vital in a group conversation.

Research shows us that people with two instruments have the best success.

How does technology differ from one hearing aid to the next?

When it comes to hearing aids, it is not only the style that differs, but also the technology. Here are some technological differences that can be noted from one hearing aid to the next:







Our team aims to help you choose enough technology. Simpler technology for simpler problems, more sophisticated technology for more complex needs. For more insight on the wide range of hearing aids available for the vast number of different types of hearing problems, get in touch with our team. Different types of hearing aids are suitable for different people (and their precise problems). We will take the time to understand your unique profile so that your investment in your hearing is meaningful.

different types of hearing aids