the gift of sound

Eyes closed, his foot and fingers tapping to the melody of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The sound of silence”. His head nodding as he listened, drifting into a world which I wished I could explore as I watched on as a child.

This, the gift of sound. An experience enriched through hearing aid technology.

For many years I was told my father was hard of hearing. I didn’t quite understand it until the day my son too was diagnosed with hearing loss. Suddenly I understood, not only the impact on development, but quality of life!

A new appreciation dawned on me as someone who enjoyed the silence that could be found in sound. Now, many years later, I see this same joy for music that speaks to the heart as I lay next to my son as we listen to the sadness that some melodies evoke now that my father is no more.

Being able to listen to music has in many ways helped my son process and experience his own grief while also holding on to the joy of his listening experiences with my dad. Asleep in bed, each with one hearing aid in, drifting off to the sounds of Elvis Blue.

We hear in many ways, sound travels through our ears to connect our hearts with precious memories.

Memories of my father are rich with melodies, thanks to the gift of sound.

Author: Chevone Petersen,