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By: Anne Budden

Literacy is the ability to read and write. Literacy provides us with a means to convey and receive messages. This is an important part of life. I could not imagine a life without communication, connection and relationships.

imgCan you remember when you were young and your parents read you a bedtime story? This is the best gift a parent can give to their child. You have introduced them to different speech sounds which they can imitate and combine in new ways to form their own sentences and messages. If a child is not able to hear they will not be able to accurately imitate sounds thus learn to speak.

Hearing loss in children can lead to developmental delays in both receptive and expressive communication skills. Hearing is not only an important component to develop literacy skills but hearing also plays an important role in academic performance and socializing. Children look at pictures and make up their own stories before reading them which is called visual literacy, the ability to understand pictures. Visual literacy is a stepping stone to reading and understanding words.

The ability to hear and see connects us with the world. Make sure you and your family stay connected by getting your ears and eyes tested this new year.