Unitron Blu Hearing Aids
  • Open Chip Technology
  • 5 levels of sophistication, from basic (Blu 1) to premium (Blu 9)
  • Rechargeable and non-rechargeable devices available at all levels of technology
  • Local servicing and back up from Unitron South Africa
  • Bluetooth streaming with most android and apple devices at all levels of technology
  • Multiple accessories available (such as partner microphones, FM and tv streamers)

Unitron Blu hearing aids are unique because Unitron has open chip technology – meaning that Blu hearing aids of lower technology can be upgraded at any time in the life of the device, to a higher technology level. This provides unprecedented accessibility for patients who really need the features of a premium model, (such as environment identification of SEVEN different acoustic environments with automated adjustment for the environment you’re in; 360o ear-to-ear driven autofocus on speech; and 20 channel resolution), yet, can only afford a lower level of technology at the point of first purchase. Increases in technology can be facilitated by buying upgrades, paying only the difference in price at the time of upgrade. This allows advancements for people with changing needs, or for people who are restricted by affordability.

Dr Natalie Buttress reports that one of her patients said “I have tried and worn 3 pairs of devices from other manufacturers, none of which have provided me with as much clear speech when I am in a noisy place, as Unitron Blu. What’s more, I have been able to swap seamlessly between taking phone calls on my cell phone, to listening to meetings through my laptop – all without any other devices between the hearing aids and my electronics. As a businessman, it has been ground-breaking and lifechanging to have this level of ease again.”

Unitron Blu are available from Blu 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, all representing significant performance differences in challenging environments.

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