Hearing aid prices for two - here are the options

We don’t have two ears only to hold up the arms of our glasses, I promise! Our hearing is a marvel of design and we would certainly struggle if we had only one ‘sensor’ with which to hear. Our complex auditory system uses redundancy to enhance our ability to hear in complex and difficult environments where noise or reverberation interferes with clarity. We locate sound using loudness and timing differences between our ears.

The fusion of this information occurs in the nuclei of the lower parts of our brainstem. It brings vital cues for speech to the language sections of our thinking brains. Loss of hearing in both ears needs to be managed on both sides. Most often, treating one ear will result in problems of direction detection and deterioration in noisy conditions. Additionally, lack of stimulation to only one side, may have long term implications for your brain.

But two hearing aids are twice the price! What are your options?

Hearing aids on contract:
We provide hearing aids on contract, just like a cell-phone. This is done through a reliable financial underwriter (through Reconnect Finance), and qualifying patients* (credit reviewed by the financial provider) pay a monthly amount and receive hearing aids immediately.

Finance a gap:
Similarly, Reconnect Finance offers a similar contract to cover a gap between medical aid and private funding, to allow you to purchase two devices, or increase your level of technology if needed.

Efficient use of your medical aid:
Arrange your fitting in December for one ear, and January, for the other. This short gap can be covered by a trial/loan device from our practice, and you can begin your hearing journey with both ears, from the beginning.

Chat to us. We will work very hard to find solutions that are underpinned by the science of hearing, to benefit your function.

– By Natalie Buttress