The Heart of Life

By Anne Budden

As an audiologist, communication and relationships are of high importance to me. I have seen that communication break-downs can cause relationships to suffer. I think communication and relationships are what bring meaning to life. It has the power to create change and it is what brings us together.

My patient’s wife said; “We live in a small apartment and have an opened planned kitchen, dining room and lounge. When he gets hearing aids will he be able to hear me on his chair in the lounge when I speak to him from the kitchen? When I talk to him, he can never hear me. I have noticed that I don’t speak to him as often as I did. I always have to repeat myself. It is exhausting.”

Communication requires committed participation from both partners and is fundamental for relationships. Without it, relationships take strain. Both partners need to improve their communication strategies whether it be by speaking louder, slowly, facing the person whom you speaking to or getting hearing aids.

The Heart of Life

After her husband received rehabilitation for his hearing loss (hearing aids), she came rushing into my office and said; “I spoke to him from the kitchen and he could actually hear me. I now do not need to repeat myself multiple times. It is great. I have noticed we have started talking to each other more. I am thrilled. Thank you.”

With appropriate technology, realistic expectations, which stem from good counselling, and an audiologist whom you trust communication success is on your doorstep. Communication and relationships are the heart of life.

Don’t you think GOOD COMMUNICATION is the key to success and a great Valentine’s gift?