The feeling of giving

By Anne Budden

The best gifts in life are intangible. They cannot be put in a shop window with a price on. The ability to taste your favourite food, the ability to see the world around us, the ability to touch animals, people and objects, the ability to smell the fresh scent of rain and the ability to HEAR the world around us.

What would life be, without our 5 senses?

These are the greatest gifts- those that many people do not consciously appreciate. We only appreciate them once we become aware of their absence.

The feeling of giving2

Our gift of HEARING is the gift I see every day which has been taken away and it is a rich experience being the person to give it BACK. To bring back sound is a gift that I will never grow tired of giving. It is most rewarding to bring back the sound of laughing children, birds chirping, music, loved one’s voices and the hustle and bustle of Cape Town. I see people re-connect and experience the world of sound all over again in a brand-new way.

We live in a consumable society, everything we want is at the tip of our fingers, BUT the most valuable gifts are the gifts which are intangible. HEARING connects us, hearing evokes emotions and memories. Hearing helps us to enjoy the intangible joys of life.

Hearing. A Gift that changes lives.