The art of being curious

By Anne Budden

Information is everywhere we look. Technology continues to progress and floods us with so much information that sometimes we feel overwhelmed.

Today I want to use a lesson I learnt on the art of being CURIOUS. People who ask questions and want to learn more are often those with the greatest ability to manage their worlds. My encouragement to you is: Be curious! Ask many questions.

It is an incredible trait that enriches your knowledge and builds relationships.

Walking into a health practitioner’s consultation room can be daunting, particularly when we have a concern that something has changed in our function. Worries, such as “My wife/husband/child says I have a hearing loss, could I really have a hearing loss? How bad do you think it is? Were my friends whispering yesterday or can’t I hear them anymore? “ may fill your head.

Consultations are often full of questions. By asking you the right questions we are able to understand where you are in your hearing journey and some of the reasons for the way you, or your loved ones, have been feeling. We want you to be able to understand with confidence what your hearing is like, and the impact of your hearing changes on your daily routine. We want to ensure that when you leave the room you will walk away meaningfully supported and fully empowered.

Older woman or female pensioner with a hearing problem

Older woman or female pensioner with a hearing problem make a hearing test and may need a hearing aid, the acoustician explain the human ear

Through our curiosity we understand your unique needs and help you reach a new level of hearing happiness. But here too, is an opportunity for you to be curious, and ask us any questions you have. Just one question may make your understanding of your hearing problem easier to understand. Even after you leave, we hold the door open for questions that may evolve while you absorb what you’ve learnt.

Change takes time but constant curiosity empowers you to understand and take control of your hearing journey. And while you travel on your hearing journey, we are here to support your rediscovery of the sounds that matter to you.