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Date 17 Feruary 2016

Prior to my visit to Natalie, I visited an audiologist in JHB. The experience was passive, friendly, however not very informative. The conclusion of the test were that I lost some hearing in the left ear.

I have been suffering with severe Tinnitus for quite some time. I also realised I was having a problem hearing. Hence the loss of hearing made sense, but my Tinnitus was just unbearable. On recommendation I visited Natalie Buttress.

From the moment I walked in her rooms, I was met with friendly and welcoming greetings. After a quick review of my issues and tests results, For the next 30mins I sat quietly and listened to this young lady extremely professionally  articulate and outline my options in laymen terms and very intelligently helped me understand my problem a lot better.

The service, knowledge, caring and handholding through answering all my questions was extremely well received and I felt very taken care of. I think when we have serious ailments we look to be taken care of in a particular way. Natalie was professional in all our subsequent visits, she remain constant in her behaviour and whether the issue was small or big, I felt I was in great hands. Each issue was addressed and in the end we found a perfect solution. Each time I wear my hearing aids, I have a thought of Natalie and always feel comfort in knowing this was done with care and specialist knowledge. I intend to also fly back to Cape Town for my yearly visits with Natalie.

Thank you Natalie for all your kindness and taken care of me.


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