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Sunday 15/09/2013

I have just come back from one of those perfect Sunday lunches in the winelands good food, good company, a perfect setting and perfect hearing.

The restaurant was packed, and in a packed restaurant are lots of talk and noise, which can be very confusing; even more so when you have a hearing problem.

A few weeks ago I consulted with Natalie about a tinnitus I had developed over the last half year or so and which had become very irritating. She suggested to replace my existing Widex hearing aid (which we did) with a newer model with a so-called Zen Programme, which has been developed to help with tinnitus (and really does the trick).

Natalie and I both love our iPhones and iPads and she gave me a Widex M-Dex unit which reproduces my iPhone conversations directly into my hearing aid via Bluetooth and, much more interesting, the movie sound from my iPad on those long overseas flights.

And, coming back to the restaurant, I can set my M-Dex to focus in selected directions like front, left, right and behind so I do not have to turn my head and I can blend out most of the conversation around me and concentrate on that around the table.

And it comes in very handy on the way home when the driver – just having had litres of boring mineral water – does not want to listen to his passengers wine-infused conversations on the back seat.

Thank you Natalie!

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