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Sharman de Gale

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Hearing Aids conjure up old men in elastic waisted trousers fiddling with wires coming out of their ears and trying to damp down the whistling sound that everyone else is forced to listen to. No one has a problem with wearing glasses but hearing aids…..uggh!

No more!  Every single person I’ve told (and I’ve told EVERYBODY) that I now have hearing aids asks ‘but why aren’t you wearing them?’  I am – and I have very short hair – and they can’t believe it!  People’s perceptions re hearing aids need to be changed; both of how tiny and hidden they are but more importantly how poor hearing impacts on so many other aspects of your mental health.

When you can’t hear well the brain receives garbled signals, forcing it to work harder to establish meaning from the message and the part of the brain needed for thinking and decision-making (very important) is the part that becomes overworked. And hearing loss, beginning with the mental stress, is tied to depression and cognitive decline

I have gone on a bit but it was just so exciting finding out about this; all thanks to Hanneke.  She explained everything thoroughly and carefully and was ALWAYS available to answer my questions.  The whole package (weekly visits for testing, trying on, tweaking) were so professionally handled.  I looked forward to my visits; for hearing aids can you believe?; In fact, everyone at NB Hearing were just delightful; caring and chatty every time I saw them.  Cannot recommend NB Hearing and Hanneke enough and I will finish with this bon mot: it’s been shown that the worse the initial hearing loss was, the more likely the person was to develop dementia.

So make that call!

Thanks Hanneke and team

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