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Selwyn Soffer

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I write this in the hope that one skeptical person(like myself) may be convinced to finally make that move to improve their hearing.

For many years, I lived in a somewhat muted world & without knowing it,I adapted to a new lifestyle- avoiding many social situations, movies, telephone ( when possible)….etc  my kids finally convinced me to do something about it …in order to return to very basic communication- without lip reading.  So I did it!

Natalie tested my hearing  & sized me up for about 2 hours…a week later, another 2 hour fit & test ….& THAT WAS IT!!!

Been hearing ever since. So good that one can hardly remember how it was before. Simple to clean or replace a battery…& by no means do I ever know that I’m even wearing them. Almost completely unnoticable ,never adjusted or in fact ever done anything further , since getting them. Battery lasts over 10 days & it warns you when the battery is low. This is state of the art, the best there is at the moment…& I believe it.  I recently saw my first movie in years…what a treat! I now have to take real note of my wife’s moans for the first time…I can hear & participate in social talk….

The only negative side for me is that because I don’t feel the  hearing aids whatsoever, I have to be very careful to remember to remove them before swimming or showering. I have now posted a few signs ( of an ear) in strategic places & this has helped.

There are added adaptors for the phone & t.v. …etc.

Besides the success of this advanced technology, I found Natalie & Hanneke to be the most professional & delightful people to deal with. They care!! They know their job & I believe they will stand by you with any ongoing problem.

I am truly thankful.

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