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Peter S Rosmarin

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I have been using my hearing aids some six months now and feel compelled to write and tell you how they have improved my life.

My hearing has been steadily deteriorating over the last 20 years, reaching a point when I could no longer actively enjoy group conversations, or noisy environments. Hearing was increasingly difficult and I had to concentrate to absorb even the gist of the chatter. I resisted noisy situations even lacking confidence to partake as I wasn’t sure I had heard all the detail. It has been difficult adapting to the hearing aid sound and working out exactly what I needed and when and where, e.g. hearing in a car environment was totally different to that of a busy restaurant or shopping centre or watching TV or a movie. Thankfully, I had you as my guide, and slowly with your patience, support and professional help and guidance I have adapted to the new world of hearing sounds-long gone, and feeling part of the crowd in conversation rather than an outsider trying to make sense of what was being discussed from the few odd words I was hearing. I am indeed grateful to you and the technology available for having the pleasure of hearing properly. At my age I mix with many people who have hearing problems and have negative views on wearing hearing aids, either from what they have been told by other nay sayers, or the fear of being seen as afflicted in some way. My advice to all is, discard all fears and make the effort to wear aids, and persist with the will to adapt to what can enrich your life, in the end it’s well worth bridging the gap.

Thank you Natalie Buttress (and Hanneke)
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