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Miles Hamilton-Brown

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Can you imagine the relief of NOT having to ask your business colleagues or friends to repeat what they had just said, as you had not heard them audibly the first time.
Well my son booked an appointment with NB Hearing, as the family were becoming frustrated with my gradual loss of hearing. I was very apprehensive at having hearing aids fitted but after having met with Anne Budden/Caine of NB Hearing I was convinced that this was the way to go.
Anne conducted the necessary audio tests and very patiently and professionally explained my area of loss and what hearing aids I should acquire.
Anne was very thorough in explaining the method of use, maintenance and how to get the best out of my Widex ,high definition hearing aids.
I can confidently say this was the best decision I made. The hearing aids have proved to be the answer and today I never have to ask anyone to repeat what they said.
If the batteries begin to run low I can simply adjust the volume on my cell phone via an APP.
Gwen and Sharon at the reception are the most welcoming and friendly people there are. Even coming in during the holiday to complete some paperwork was going the extra mile. Much appreciated.

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