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Lydia Szapiro

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Here are some photos, taken last month when you were fitting my mother with
her super-duper fabulous hearing aids. These photos indicate the care and
attention you bestow on your patients (in this case my 93 year-old mother),
and the warm relationship which you manage to establish in such a short
space of time. Really lovely to see, together with your obvious “top of the
game” professional skills and experience, which you deliver clearly and
without a hint of condescension for those of us unfamiliar with the
sophisticated technicalities of modern hearing aids. It’s a winning
combination, not only for my mother, whose hearing is now so much better and
whose trust you have earned (no mean feat!) but also reassuring for me, in
my position as the “faraway daughter”. Thank you so much for all of it,
including your willingness to keep me in the loop with informative feedback
emails – very much appreciated!

Bye for now

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