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Kelly Gillingwater

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My family has genetic sensorineural hearing loss. My uncle and cousins who live in Cape Town have been under Natalie Buttress’s care for many years and they have always rated her as the best in her field. When our 7 year old daughter was needing to be fitted with a new set of hearing aids and an FM system, my uncle offered to sponsor these and so we made our way to Cape Town to visit Natalie.

I could not have been more impressed by this very special lady. Natalie’s balance of professionalism and personal care is unmatched. Her vast knowledge of her field is astounding and we have received such clear, honest and concise information and guidance from her. Added to this is Natalie’s natural intuition and her ability to build genuine relationships with people of all ages. After spending just a few hours with Natalie, both Hannah and I felt we had made a friend. The support Natalie has given us has gone so far beyond the call of duty and I have come to trust her implicitly with all decisions regarding Hannah and her hearing. Just recently we made the trip from Durban to Cape Town for the sole purpose of getting Natalie’s expert opinion before making a major decision regarding cochlear implants for Hannah.

Natalie’s standard of service is excellent and she leaves “no stone unturned”, truly wanting the best for her patients. It is this that gives us the much-needed sense of security and confidence when making decisions that will have far-reaching consequences for our child. I could never thank Natalie enough for this.

Natalie Buttress has been so much more than an audiologist to Hannah. She is a blessing to her profession, her patients and their families.

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