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Jenny Lang

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At the ‘ripe old age of 50’, I discovered that I was really struggling to hear some of the conversations around me. Natalie has helped me to understand the structure of the ear, and to determine the root cause of the problem that I was experiencing. She then had enormous patience, and a wealth of experience, a fascination with technology, and a caring approach to the ‘real person’ she was working with – all of which helped her to explain the various options to me. In spite of my initial concerns, she helped me to choose a sustainable solution that has fundamentally changed my life. With the recent advice from Natalie, we have recently done ‘an upgrade’ to newer hearing aid technology, which has now made communication through my cellphone a ‘really cool’ experience. Over the past 6 years, Natalie has been supportive, caring, informed and instructive. I really value her advice, and would recommend her holistic approach to the services that she offers to anyone who has problematic hearing. Thank you Natalie!!

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