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Graham Scott

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Greetings Natalie, many thanks for your compassionate, detailed and undivided attention during our hearing consultations. I will admit it had taken me some time to finally have my hearing checked… probably due to some denial and resisting admitting to the fact that I needed hearing aids.

I must say this experience has only been positive.  From the initial appointment and all the new info you supplied me with to the very professional hearing tests and the fine-tuning done over the past weeks.I’m so pleased to be able to ‘ join in the conversations ‘ again and my kind friends who admitted to adjusting their speaking volume to accommodate me are really very pleased too!It’s surprising to now reflect on what a strain it has been in the past just to try to hear what others were saying not to mention the frustration of not being able to follow what was going on at the movies !

Many, many thanks for giving me back what we often just take for granted.

May I suggest that if you are having hearing issues make an appointment today with Natalie. You will never regret it.

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