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Estelle Joubert

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Hello Natalie

I have been very longwinded to write to thank you for the best help in the world that I could have ordered. Thank you for care you took to convince an utter sceptic and show me the right way.I wanted to write you a short testimonial of my experience, so that hopefully, you can put it on your website (where I found you), and other people may be able to see what has happened to me. Here goes:

I am not someone who would normally do this but I have received such expert help from Natalie that I felt she needed more than just a heartfelt “thank you”. My son had been searching on the internet to source reasonably priced hearing aids in the Cape Town area, when he came across Natalie’s web-site. The web-site impressed him enough to send Natalie an exploratory email requesting some information. Her prompt, warm and professional response convinced him that she was the help we had been searching for.

Up to that point, I had almost given up even bothering to find a solution to my hearing loss that would suit me. I had been to see two audiologists already but their lack of care and service left me feeling disillusioned about ever being treated like anything else but a bothersome “little old lady”. I had legitimate questions about my situation that I felt were never given serious consideration and left me with more questions than answers.

From the minute I met Natalie, she treated me with the compassion and patience I had not found elsewhere. I felt comfortable enough to ask all the “silly” questions that had been bothering me and she went into detail explaining the physical causes of my hearing loss and all possible solutions. She even made it possible for me to give some hearing aids a trial run to see what would be the best fit for me.

I am experiencing and “hearing” things that I have missed for a long time!!!

I truly am indebted to Natalie for giving me a new “First day of the rest of my life”!”

Hoping you are keeping well, and say regards to Gwen

Regards and thank you

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