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Desiré Finkel

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Hi Natalie,
I hereby wish to thank you so much for putting in the extra mile in ensuring my comfort with a hearing aid provided by you. I came to you to discuss the fact that in the last ten years or so, I was totally unable to wear a hearing aid due to dermatitis and allergies. You were fully prepared to put me on trial to test a hearing aid that could be the answer to my problem which indeed it was. I have been wearing it for the past two to three weeks and I am delighted to tell you that you have assisted me fully in improving my lifestyle. Every now and again, the itch does return, but without a vengeance, it is manageable after a few minutes so long as I persevere which is totally doable. I have been to many Audiologists, and I can honestly say that I am well on the way to enjoying my hearing aid instead of dreading it. Thank you so very much for taking the time to ensure my satisfaction.
Warmest regards

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