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Christa Salvador

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I’ve had the most wonderful experience with NB Hearing.
From being in denial about my hearing loss for many years and being given all the wrong advice by other Audiologists, trying out other hearing aids that were just hopeless, I am now so grateful that I found NB Hearing.  From my first appointment with Natalie, I was very nervous but she made me feel so comfortable and her wealth of knowledge was incredibly reassuring. I am now confident about wearing my hearing aids as a result of the amazing guidance, feedback and support I continually receive from NB Hearing. The team have never made me feel like I’m an irritation or an inconvenience as, I’ve had many appointments to refine my hearing aid’s tones & settings so they suit me properly. The Widex range was suggested for me to use. These little devices are now very much part of my life, with hardly anyone knowing I even got them.
Thank you Natalie and Hanneke J

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