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Chevone Petersen

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Thank you for Rocking our World!

My search for an exceptional Audiologist resulted in a referral to Natalie Buttress Audiology, and I can honestly write a short story about the connections and research that finally culminated in an almost 3 hour Consultation!

I needed someone to listen to my concerns as a parent and understand my thought process behind my son’s amplification. Someone who could empower me with their knowledge, and allow me to make the best amplification decisions for my son. But most importantly, I needed someone who could connect with my 6 year old son, Kai.

Since meeting with Natalie, I can, with great confidence say, that she exceeded all our expectations. She is approachable, always professional, friendly, honest and direct. Natalie’s engaging and personable approach is inspiring. Her relaxed manner and warm smile charmed my little guy from day one!

Natalie’s dedication and willingness to be the difference in our world resulted in him receiving a donation of two brand new hearing aids from Widex with a 2 year guarantee!

Thank you Natalie for being so passionate about the work you do and thank you Widex for your generosity. You are in our hearts forever and a day…

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