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Cheryl Bain

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I have been suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss for the last 5 years. I had been told that nothing could be done about the tinnitus and I would just have to live with it. Early one Sunday morning last year, I heard Natalie Buttress on Cape Talk radio discussing hearing loss and more importantly for me, tinnitus. I had a two hour assessment with her where comprehensive tests were done. Natalie recommended a particular type of hearing aid which would help the hearing loss and the tinnitus. I have been wearing this aid for 4 months. It has changed my life I don’t shout when I speak, I can now follow conversations in noisy places, the volume on the TV has been turned down and the tinnitus has changed pitch and is not so noticeable anymore. Yeah. (the sound was high pitched like a cicada living in my head).

I would recommend Natalie to anyone with similar problems. She is caring, professional, nothing is too much trouble and the after sales service is fantastic. Thanks Natalie.



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