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Barry Blomkamp

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We are never warned about protecting ones ears against extreme
noise! In my case – Many years tuning racing cars!

From the moment I walked into NB Hearings rooms, I was struck with
the wonderful friendliness from Sharon and Gwen.

Over the past years, I’ve noticed a problem in listening to
conversation, sounding mumbled, particularly in a crowded

Last year, Haneke tested my ears proving the suspicion, hearing
loss. Not easy for a person who probably uses their ears more than
most.  I am blind… therefore rely on my hearing hugely. and lip
reading is clearly out of the question!

Recently Anne Budden fitted me out with a pair of Widex’s. and
“tuned” them beautifully to match my particular hearing loss. My
surprise was the superb engineering the Widex has.  So elegant, so
easy to maintain, so tiny, unnoticeable, no one even sees I am
wearing them!

I am most grateful to NB Hearing and Anne Budden for their superb
understanding, kindness and above all their extraordinary expertise
in the auditory field. It is almost like getting my sight back!

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