Signia AX hearing aids
  • 5 levels of technology, from basic (1AX) to premium (7 AX)
  • Rechargeable and non-rechargeable devices available at all levels
  • Bluetooth streaming with most modern iPhone and android devices
  • Accessories available for tv and partner mic streaming in noise

Signia AX hearing aids focus on improving your hearing in noisy places, through their 2-processor feature (one for noise, and one for speech). They adapt automatically to different environments. You can even store your personal preferences for different locations, so that you can use them again when you return to the same place.

Audiologist, Zhuqeelah Scott reports that one of her patient’s said “I am new to the world of hearing aids, but my Signia hearing aids have made a huge difference in my life. I can finally hear what is being said at gatherings with my friends and family. The sound quality is definitely a lot more natural sounding than I would have thought!”

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