NB Hearing
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Meet Sharon, she takes care of our team and our patients

I moved from Shelley Beach in KwaZulu-Natal to Cape Town in 2015 and was fortunate to join the NB Hearing team in 2017. I have known Natalie for a while as I met her through my husband who has a hearing loss. Natalie fitted him with hearing aids in 2005. Working with people is what fulfils me, and all the interesting people I meet daily at NB Hearing makes my job both exciting and very meaningful.

I am responsible for many different tasks at the practice. I handle all troubleshooting, small repairs, cleaning of hearing aids, and I also correspond with hearing aid manufacturers when a patient requires repairs, or new hearing aids. Taking care of our audiologists is also part of my job, as they are sometimes so busy with our patients that they forget to look after themselves.

There are several reasons why I find my work at NB Hearing so rewarding, but the main reason is the positive change that we bring to our patients’ lives by helping them to hear and communicate with others again. I know that I am doing a job that truly affects and changes people’s lives and I am grateful for it. All the thank you letters we receive warms my heart.

In my free time, I spend as much time as possible with my husband and children, and I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes.