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By: Natalie Buttress

I read to my children every night for years. It was time to snuggle up to their warm fluffy bodies, smelling faintly of baby soap, and return to my own childhood while I filled theirs with characters and stories, and love. It was as much a gift to me as it was to them. A foundation for connection.

Reading, and having access to the skills that will support academic growth and learning, begin here, when children can barely sit for themselves. The sounds that come from our mouths travel into their little ears and their little brains, and become patterns that connect to the squiggly lines on the page. One day, that just slips into reading. img

It is their bright, inquisitive eyes and their attentive, focused ears that make it all possible. Those, and the love and dedication of a parent who wants to set fire to a child’s imagination and unlock the key to a lifetime of gifts.

Have you had your child’s hearing and eyesight checked? Have you checked your own?

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