Music-Connects-Us---thumbBeing able to hear music, connects us with our emotions, our past, present and future. An experience of joy and sadness, our seventh act of community service, a morning of music and dance with the residents of Kensington Old Home. Gifting each resident a facecloth, soap and toothpaste, thanks to the generosity of a NB Hearing patient.

This, harking back to our first Act of Community Service with Souper Troopers, in memory of Danny – a warrior lost.

The Home cares for 93 residents, some of whom requires additional medical care due to ill health and disability. Residents rarely receive visitors, and people are encouraged to visit, volunteer or donate in various ways.

Our February theme focusses on listening being the shortest distance between people, and Kensington Old Age Home reminds us to not forget the elderly who, far too often, experience a life distant from connection with people when they move into frail care facilities and homes for the elderly.

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Harking back to our first Act of Community Service, today we visited Kensington Old Age Home to honor a warrior lost….

Posted by NB Hearing on Friday, 21 February 2020