Lamees Faroon

I am driven by a passion to help people. Providing services as an audiologist has been a wonderful way in which to channel this passion! Audiology is a patient-centred, caring field which is defined by a desire to positively impact and assist people who are struggling with their communication or balance. This is something that I find deep pride and satisfaction in doing.

Lamees Faroon

I completed my community service year in 2021 at Hillbrow CHC in Johannesburg after graduating from the University of Cape Town in 2020. As the head of the audiology department, I engaged with a variety of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Within this setting, I found that a calm, patient, and solution-oriented approach helped my patients find growth and success as quickly as possible. I know that my development as a professional is a lifelong process. I have learnt so much already, but I also look forward to my practice every day, underpinned by the constancy of my passion and love for developing people, solving hearing-related issues and helping each person I see manage their ear-related needs.


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