Jade Duncan

I grew up in a small community! So it is no surprise that I developed a passion for helping people and making a difference in people’s lives, from a young age. Combined with my passion for music and children, becoming an audiologist encompasses every part of who I am. I believe in a holistic approach to hearing health care and well-being. My family and patient-centred ethos is intently driven towards delivering a meaningful, evidence-based healthcare service and to provide high-quality, accessible products.

Anroux van Niekerk

I graduated with a BSc in Communication Pathology (Audiology) from the University of KwaZulu Natal, in 2016, and was awarded the SASLHA prize, for “Best Final Year Student”. After completion of my degree, I was lucky enough to be placed in my hometown, Eshowe, in the heart of Zululand (KwaZulu Natal), for my Community Service year in 2017. It was an incredible gift to provide for my own community – a reciprocation of their significant contribution to me as a human being. Next, a 5-year position at a dynamic private practice in Durban helped me to develop my passion for patient care, and grow more experience and expertise in hearing aids, paediatric audiology, electrophysiological testing, and cochlear implantation. Since 2022, Cape Town has been my base! And now, I have found a home at NB Hearing & Balance, where these special interests can flourish, as the team and I are collectively, strongly committed to the careful delivery of professional and ethical services for all of our patients.


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