Hearing and Balance Add to the Quality of Life

Hearing and balance (the auditory and vestibular systems) are two important senses. They add to our enjoyment of life in countless ways.

Hearing Connects Us

Hearing allows us to connect with others through conversation, music, and other forms of communication. It also helps us stay safe by alerting us to danger such as sirens or the sound of footsteps behind us. For those who enjoy nature, hearing the birds chirping or the rustle of leaves can be a source of pleasure.

Balance Positions Us in Space

Balance keeps our bodies upright and helps us maintain equilibrium while walking, running, climbing stairs, or engaging in other activities. It also enables us to perform physical feats such as sports and dance, that are difficult (if not impossible) to do without good balance.

Connect with Us for Improved Quality of Life

These abilities add to your quality of life in multiple ways, from helping you succeed at work to enabling you to participate in recreational activities that bring you much joy and satisfaction. The ability to hear and keep one’s balance without feeling as if you are spinning is essential for living a healthy and enjoyable life.

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