Hearing Aid Accessories and Assistive Devices

With the technology available today, hearing aids have become so much more than the big, chunky, ugly devices that one used to get. They are now much smaller and classier, and way more sophisticated. They can also be equipped with a number of different functions and accessories, to make everyday life easier. Whether you would like to change the settings of your hearing aids remotely, stream phone calls directly through your hearing aids, or take advantage of lithium-ion rechargeability instead of fussing with disposable batteries. There are many solutions available to meet all your needs.

Today’s technology has led to huge advancements in the clarity of sound and assistance with speech understanding. However, listening to and understanding speech in noise remains one of the most challenging listening environments for both people with and without a hearing loss. So, it is because of this that additional assistive listening devices (ALDs) have been developed to help improve your hearing experience. ALDs can make it easier to talk on the phone, watch TV, attend public events, and participate in work meetings.

The majority of the new mid-to-top of the range hearing aids being released at the moment are enabled with Bluetooth. This allows your hearing aids to connect with devices such as your phone, so that you can stream music and phone calls through the hearing aids, directly into your ears. You can also get devices that plug into your television, allowing you to stream the TV sound straight to your hearing aids. Then, turn your smartphone into a remote control, with an app that can control the volume and programs of your hearing aids.


There are many helpful devices available, such as:

  1. A remote control – a small and convenient device you can use to change the volume and/or program of your hearing aids
  2. A remote microphone – a very handy device to have if you are still struggling to hear in large groups, such as in a meeting or at a restaurant. You place it in the middle of the table or close to the person you are wanting to focus on, and it will stream the sound directly to your hearing aids, making it much easier to hear in a crowd
  3. Partner mic – this can be worn by your partner as they move around the house and allows for their speech to be streamed directly to your hearing aids
  4. TV connector – plug this directly into your TV and have lovely clear sound streamed straight to your hearing aids, where the volume can be controlled independently from the TV speakers
  5. Hearing aid phone applications – the number of functions the hearing aid apps have, will depend on which brand of hearing aid you have. They all can change the volume and programs, but some have added features where you can change the directionality of the hearing aid, or even create your own programs

So, find out from your hearing care professional which accessories are suitable for you!

By Talia Lifson