baby hearing testStudies agree that hearing loss, either at birth, acquired during childhood, or even due to deterioration or damage during adulthood, changes nerve pathways in the brain. If it is present at birth, it will change the way neurons and pathways develop. If it happens later on when the structures are already there, it changes the way they fire and over time, can cause structural deterioration (or nerve atrophy).


In very young children, nerve tissue in the brain can develop at an incredible pace, and management of hearing loss at an early stage can help to develop normal pathways very rapidly. The process is slower in older children and adults, but nonetheless, we are gifted with the capacity to lay down new pathways, make existing pathways stronger, and improve the chemical and electrical activity of our brains if we receive stimulation again. Skills that are lost can be regained, but they need consistent stimulation and practice.

This is why audiologists recommend that you assess and address any hearing problem in yourself or your child, as early as possible. The ears are the portals into the central nervous system- the brain. Brain health is every audiologist’s passion. Make your appointment now and fire up your own neuroplasticity.

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