embracing change

By Anne Budden

When change occurs in our lives it can often cause us to feel anxious, nervous, stressed or incapable. Every season of life brings change and with change comes growth. If it weren’t for change you would not be as strong and brave as you are today.

Has anyone ever said to you “It is never too late to make a change?” This is what I want to share with you today. Change is not only for the young or old, rich or poor. Change is for everyone. No matter your circumstances, change can reach anyone. Life is a precious gift and I encourage you to take it with both hands and embrace the journey.

NB Hearing has been in the same offices for 18 years. This year we have made the big decision to move to SHOP 5, Ground Floor, in Sea Point Medical Centre. This will give us a bigger and more accessible space to care for our patients. NB Hearing is embracing change. As much as it has been an exciting process designing our new rooms, it has also come with nerves, excitement, sleepless nights and expectation to perform. Growth does not happen within your comfort zone. It begins when we step out of it.

NB Hearing shop

I want to encourage you to make the change, embrace the ability to be able to hear better and engage with those around you. Get out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised how improving your ability to hear can have a positive impact on not only your quality of life but those around you too.