Bring your partner along to your next appointment.

I often see patients who sit down and say, “My spouse says I cannot hear so I have come to have my hearing checked.” Often, over the past couple of months, they have been having disagreements as to whether one of them mumbles or its the others hearing. Months or even years go by and they become tired of having this debate and decide to come to nb hearing for a hearing test. Some in the hope of proving the other wrong.

If this sounds familiar to you, I want to encourage you to bring your spouse or partner along to your hearing test. Communication is a two-way partnership. Therefore, it takes effort from both sides to establish communication success. The journey of once being hearing impaired to hearing is different for everyone. No one’s journey is the same and this is the beauty of my profession. For some the journey is exciting and for others the journey may be daunting but, either way, walking this journey with someone who cares makes it better.

Have you ever been fitted with hearing aids and your partner still complains that you cannot hear? The hearing aids may need to be adjusted or you and your partner may need to adopt new communication strategies. This is why we want you to bring them along to your next appointment.  If an audiologist understands a communication breakdown from both sides, we can help you reach your hearing goals sooner.