new “ears” resolutions

By Hanneke Rabe

With the return of the festive decorations and ornaments to their tattered brown boxes, the bathroom scale, jump rope, running shoes and ever-so-snug tracksuit pants make their annual appearance.  For one week only, folks! – we set our goals high and we plan to be better versions of ourselves and to finally use that gym membership we took out (a couple of years ago…)

We sign up for courses, we try our hand at gardening, we cut our hair, we try and learn a new language: Hola!

And then it all fizzles out… quicker than you can say “Uno, dos, tres!”

Let’s all be very honest, we all set them, but most of us don’t even look back at them after Valentine’s day.  In fact, research has shown most people setting up resolutions (upwards of 80%!) fail by the end of February. Don’t feel ashamed, you are certainly in excellent company if you don’t follow through, as I write this knowingly from my “glass house” and I am certainly in no position to throw any stones!

But why do we fail? Psychologists have found that among the many reasons why we fail, is the fact that we rely exclusively on willpower to achieve our goals. And although, willpower is necessary to bring about positive change in your life, it alone – is simply not enough.

Senior woman inserts hearing aid in her ear

Senior woman inserts hearing aid in her ear
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For some, you might be having trouble hearing and missing out on quite a bit of what is being said during family and social gatherings.  You might have been putting off on addressing these problems for quite a while now (even years), thinking that “next year will be a good time to look into my hearing, but not now”… 

Having an untreated hearing loss is just as detrimental to your well-being and health as not taking care of your diet, lifestyle, physical fitness and mind. It’s a truly high priority function for the brain. It should be on that list above many less crucial resolutions!

All you have to have in order to address your hearing difficulty is the first step – there truly is no better time than now. You book a hearing test, and we have enough support available to help you to achieve the change to a “better you” in the new year.

I am looking forward to helping you hear better in the new year and sharing my progress on learning how to surf…