A special “TO DO” LIST this festive season

By Anne Budden

The festive season is fast approaching. Aisles are stocked with bright red, silver, gold and green, and everything will soon be lit up and sparkly.

But people with hearing loss begin to dread the festivities of noise because conversations become so exhausting that they feel isolated and alone at a time when togetherness is what we need.

We encourage you to be proactive about your hearing loss so that you can reduce effort and isolation. (The American Academy of Audiology writes about depression and isolation in hearing loss). You can get the most out of quality time with family and friends this year and for future festive seasons.

Put the real priorities on your TO DO LIST.


In preparation for the holidays, gift yourself YOUR optimum connection with friends and family. 

Schedule a hearing evaluation and take charge of being absent from your own life. The festive season is a time for enjoying family.

If you already wear hearing instruments, arrange a check-up with your audiologist to make sure that you can participate in the experience.

This way, you can reduce the effort involved in following conversation. Ask for less repetition, HEAR the punch lines so that you can laugh along with others. Don’t allow your hearing loss to get in the way of your connection with others.

You’ve been ‘good enough’, and YOU DESERVE IT.