NB Hearing
we think hearing's important

Services We Offer

  • We test your hearing in calibrated sound conditions to ensure accurate and reliable results.
  • Our equipment is calibrated every year!
  • We will properly explain your results to you so that you understand them.
  • If we identify a hearing loss, we will explore the options you have for treatment and rehabilitation.
  • We will be approachable so that we can work as a team.
  • If you decide to try a hearing instrument, we will offer you a one-month trial period, with adjustments and support.
  • Our hearing instruments come from manufacturers who offer warranties (between one and three years, depending on the product).
  • We offer follow-up after hearing aid fittings, at 6 months, one year and two years free of charge to ensure that your hearing care is our ongoing focus.
  • If you have purchased a hearing instrument elsewhere, we will gladly help you to obtain the best function out of your device.
  • We will support your servicing and repairs.
  • We carry a full range of batteries and accessories- and anything we don’t have in stock, we’ll get for you!
  • We also offer counselling and rehabilitation for tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound).
  • We take impressions for the manufacture of in-ear monitors, for the music and entertainment industries.
  • We provide personalised swimplugs and specialised ear protection to prevent potential noise damage.
  • We take impressions to make personalised sleep-plugs.
  • We’re independent, so we can create your solution from a number of manufacturers, to ensure that your hearing health is always our most important concern.