NB Hearing
we think hearing's important

Hearing aids are not inexpensive.

The research and development, licensing in multiple countries (with various medical authorities), shipping, exchange rate, and customs regulations of a country all have an impact on their prices. In addition, a reputable manufacturer will have an accessible laboratory for the production of custom-made elements of the instruments (specifically to fit you), and to honor your warranties, provide you with follow-up service and perform technical repairs that cannot be performed in the audiologist’s rooms.

NB Hearing will only recommend hearing aids from manufacturers who are reputable and accountable. We will not offer you a device from any company where your after-sales support is not a priority.

Prices of hearing aids in South Africa range between R5000.00 and R50 000.00, per ear.

Your individual solution- dictated by your lifestyle, complexity of hearing loss, physical/cosmetic preferences, dexterity and visual acuity will help us to decide where your optimum benefit will be, and thus where you fall in the price spectrum. We help you by giving you ALL of the information once you have been properly assessed. You can trust that our guidance will help you to achieve success.

Our reputation depends on it.