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Do I have a hearing loss?

A hearing loss may be caused by obstruction or damage to any part of the hearing pathway, from the entry into the canal, to the auditory cortex in the brain.
If you feel that:

  • Having a group conversation in noise is more difficult than in quiet surroundings
  • Most people mumble
  • You have to ask for repetition more often than other people
  • You have trouble with hearing speech clearly when someone speaks from another room or facing away from you
  • You have to turn the television or radio up louder than other people need to
  • You begin to feel that it is too much effort to take part in certain conversations, and so you withdraw or switch off in company
  • You feel that sometimes sound is loud enough, but not clear.
  • You have any other symptoms in the ear, such as ringing, pain or dizziness


These are common signs that you may have a problem in the hearing pathway. Early identification and diagnosis may restore your hearing, or help to prevent more of a problem later on.