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Who is Carien de Jager?

Carien de JagerI am Carien de Jager. I am very passionate about hearing, hearing loss and the effect that this has on your quality of life. If hearing loss is keeping you from living a full and active life, why not look for assistance in the form of a modern and stylish solution that will help you cope in difficult listening environments? These are the situations that are currently keeping you at home and away from the activities you used to enjoy. My 96-year-old grandfather has been wearing hearing aids since before I studied for this degree and I have seen the difference every advance in technology has made in his life and his interaction with us. He is currently wearing instruments that I fitted for him and due to his poor eye sight this is now his only link to the world.

My Qualifications

I qualified as a Speech Therapist and Audiologist at the University of Stellenbosch in 1998. I have been in the Audiology field since then. I originally worked in private practice for 7.5 years and was then employed by a hearing aid company as a specialist audiologist and advisor for audiologists along the coast of South Africa. I worked in this position for 5.5 years and returned to private practice because I missed the interaction with patients and being able to make a direct difference, daily. The experience of working as a senior support Audiologist in the technical domain, places me in a unique position. I feel that it has enabled me to garner skills that will ensure that my patients obtain the benefit of the best possible programming of their hearing aids. Selecting the best hearing aid for one’s loss, can only result in a good fitting, when using these skills.


I was invited to the Siemens Summer Academy in 2005 where we received specialised training in their product offering. I also went to Munich, Germany in 2011 for intensive training on the new Unitron product offering, before it was launched in November 2011. As you can imagine, exposure to training within the international audiological community, also grows one’s skills. I am a member of the South African Association of Audiologists (SAAA).