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Sage and 567 Talk Radio Award

Nb Hearing were honoured to be nominated as one of the 2013, Sage and 567 Talk Radio, Small Business Awards finalists.

NB Hearing award


Audiological Definitions


A person with a University degree, involved in the study of the entire field of hearing, including the anatomy and function of the ear; impairment of hearing; and evaluation, education or reeducation, and treatment of persons with hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and balance disorders

Otoscopic examination

Viewing of the ear canal using light and magnification to ensure the health of the outer ear canal, up to and including the eardrum

Pure Tone Testing

A test that is performed using the presentation of specific frequency sounds to establish a quantum of loss at each frequency.

Bone Conduction Test

Presentation of sound through the skull, to reach the nerve supply but bypass the ear canal and middle ear

Speech Discrimination

One’s ability to detect differences and similarities in the patterns of speech in order to derive distinction from words

Word recognition

The matching of words that are heard or seen, to the stored information in the memory of the brain, to allow for correct identification of an entire word

Linguistic Closure

The ability to fill in missing parts of a message, seen or heard

Conductive hearing loss

A loss caused by a reduction in mechanical transference of energy in the ear

Sensorineural hearing loss

A loss caused by a deterioration of normal nerve function in the fibres of the inner ear

Hearing aid

An ear- or body-worn electronic device that compensates for loss of hearing

Assistive device

A task specific (i.e., television, telephone, noisy environment) device, used in addition or in place of a hearing aid, to assist with hearing

Cochlear Implant

The surgical replacement of the cochlear, using an electrode array, in order to restore hearing in an ear that does not benefit adequately from hearing amplification

Cape Town – Hearing

Hearing loss? Diagnosis through accurate tests! Communication=Quality of life. Hearing aids fitted & repaired in Cape Town (Sea Point – Central; Durbanville – Northern Suburbs), by Natalie Buttress & Carien De Jager. Tinnitus (ringing ears) managed through counselling and tinnitus sound generators. Hyperacusis (oversensitivity) counselled & managed. Prevent hearing loss through information and ear protection, including musicians, entertainers and sportsmen. Accessories and batteries on the premises. We’ll deliver support and compassion all the way to rehabilitation. We’re sound-loving audiologists who will assist any ear in or out of South Africa (Medical Tourism too!)